Laser Focus Depth Step Gauge

It measures the distance between the laser head and the material


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Illustrator, Lightburn, SVG files included. These laser focal depth gauges were made in Illustrator, so when importing the SVG file, use 72dpi.

There are a few different ranges for different size lenses:

  • 4mm – 20mm
  • 21mm – 37mm
  • 8mm – 24mm
  • 7mm – 14mm
  • 5mm – 15mm

If you’d like to see a different focus depth range, let me know and I’ll throw it in the zip file.

There’s also a little arrow shape so that you can insert your default focal length. What I do is just put the arrow on the depth where the laser focus has the tightest line. If I’m engraving, the laser should be focused to the top of the material so the arrow would be the focus depth that you’re going for. If I’m cutting (for example 3mm material), I’ll subtract 1.5mm to that number so that the laser focuses in the center/middle of the 3mm material.

The steps are in 1mm increments but it’s easy enough to kind of gauge half of a millimeter by leaving a little gap above each focal step.

I also put magnets in some of my test cuts. You can do the same by measuring your magnet diameter, and then engraving a circle slightly larger than that in the corner of the depth gauge. I’m not sure what I like better yet; hanging them or just sticking them on the side of the laser.


V2 Update: Added left hand and right hand versions. Not necessarily named for your dominant hand. The left hand version would just be held with your left hand while measuring.


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