LED Headphone Stand

Hold up your headphones in style!


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Organize your headphones in style with these RGB LED laser-cut headphone stand files! This design offers both an LED illuminated version and a classic solid wood option, allowing you to customize the look to your preference.


Build video here:


Inspired by the desire to create a unique and functional headphone stand, these files are compatible with various laser cutters and wood thicknesses:







This file is pretty easy to put assemble, you just glue all the pieces together. There’s no finger joinery or tabs/fingers so you don’t need to worry about kerf settings and all that.


The RGB/LED version features dedicated cutouts for clear acrylic windows, letting the RGB LED strip shine through. I used white paint to achieve a semi-transparent effect, but I recommend using pre-made semi-transparent acrylic for better results.


You can use any LED strip and controller, but these are the items I used in my build:


LED strip light (entire kit):






SP611E LED Controller:



Power Supply:



For the solid wood version, you can personalize it with paint, stain, or varnish (not included).


These downloadable laser-cut files provide a fun and easy way to create a unique and functional headphone stand. Get yours today!


Additional Notes:


The LED version is compatible with any LED strip(there’s a 14mm gap and most LEDs are 10mm wide).

Be cautious when routing the LED strip to avoid bending it at sharp angles, as this can damage the connection.


This listing is for the digital files only. Physical materials and electronics are not included.

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3 comments on "LED Headphone Stand"

  1. hello! purchased the files and they upload into lightburn at .5 inches…. what is the correct sizing supposed to be

    • I found out it’s just the .dxf file that’s the wrong size

      • Ok Thanks I’ll check out the DXF files.

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