Seller FAQ


How do I become a seller on Cutting Paths?

Already have a Cutting Paths account?

  1. All accounts are eligible to be sellers, you’ll just need to enter your payout info here.
  2. Then add a price to any of your designs.


Don’t have a Cutting Paths account?

  1. Sign up here for free.
  2. Enter your payout information in your payout settings so that you can get paid for your work.
  3. Upload your design and put a non-zero price on the listing.


Does it cost anything to become a seller?

Nope! There are no monthly fees or additional costs to have an account. Becoming a seller and listing items is completely free. Cutting Paths operates by taking a small commision from every purchase.


What fees are involved in selling items on Cutting Paths?

Cutting Paths’ commission is 15% + $0.09 (~5% for transfer fees) for each purchase made through the site. These fees help us with server costs and upkeep of the site.

  • Maker 85%
  • CuttingPaths 10%
  • Transfer fees 5%
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How do I get paid for my sales?

In order for us to process your payout, we’ll need your PayPal account email address or Venmo ID. You can enter that info in your account settings page or in My Account > Maker Dashboard > Payout Settings. Payouts are sent automatically every month. Each monthly payout includes a 25 cent transaction fee for the entire payout amount when a monthly payout is made to your PayPal account.


What if I don’t have Paypal in my country?

Unfortunately CuttingPaths only supports Paypal currently. We are looking into other payment providers. Check back soon!


How are payments processed on Cutting Paths?

Payments are 100% secure and made through PayPal’s payment API. Cutting Paths doesn’t store any credit card data and the payment process is handled completely off-site so you can feel confident sharing your listings to potential buyers.