Custom Size Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes with a bunch of different sizes. Fusion file included if you’d like to customize the dims.


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I had to ship a bunch of items so I made these box templates in Fusion 360. Start with a sheet of cardboard, end with a box!

There are 2 versions of box in the files as well as in the Fusion Drawing. “Tabbed” and “Basic”. Tabbed has a little pull tab for keeping the box closed and Basic is a standard box(like an Amazon Box).

These laser-cut cardboard box files have been tested on 3.7mm cardboard as well as 2mm cardboard. Works well for me but let me know if you run into any issues. The boxes have little “folding guidelines” cut into them so you know where to fold the flaps. This seemed like the best way to add a guide to me since I didn’t want to engrave into the cardboard and possibly cut right through the cardboard box.

The Fusion 360 file is included if you’d like to edit the parameters and cut your own custom cardboard box. If you’ve never used Fusion, it’s not too difficult. You can basically just open the file, change the parameters, and then export the new sketch as a DXF which you can then laser cut. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Fusion File
  2. Click “Modify”
  3. Click “Change Parameters”
  4. Enter your custom dimensions for length, width, and depth
  5. Close the Parameters window
  6. Use the dropdown menus on the left to open either the Basic Box or the Pull Tabbed Box
  7. Right click the “Export This” sketch
  8. Choose “Save as DXF”

The size of cardboard box you’ll be able to cut will depend on the size of your bed. It’s probably possible to split the drawings up into pieces if it won’t fit your bed. I ordered some 4’x4′ cardboard sheets to make these with. It’s definitely cheaper to order big sheets of cardboard and then cut them yourself but it’s a lot less hassle to just order custom boxes from a cardboard box manufacturer. I will probably still use this if I need a custom sized box, but if I’m shipping a bunch of stuff, I’ll probably just order pre-made boxes.


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