German Shepherd Napkin Holder

Great decor for your house, DXF design file included, easy project. The engravings are beautiful and full of details and shadows.


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This laser-cut MDF napkin holder of a german shepherd files have been tested on 3mm MDF as well as 3mm cardboard and 3mm Plywood. Works well for me but let me know if you run into any issues. It comes with a base which is meant for press fit but I am aware that it can vary from different machiines, you can always glue it. The dog measures 23cm (9inch) x 14cm (5.5inch) and the base 18.5cm (7.2inch) x 8cm (3.1inch). It’s my first laser cutting project, I’m open to constructive criticism. 

The DXF file is included if you’d like to edit the parameters and cut your own custom cardboard box. If you’ve never used RDWorks/Fusion/CAD you can basically just open the file, change the parameters, and then export the new sketch as a DXF which you can then laser cut. Here are the steps:

  1. Un-zip the file
  2. Open your editting software
  3. Click “Change Parameters”
  4. Enter your custom dimensions for length, width, and depth
  5. Click on “Export This” sketch
  6. Choose “Save as DXF”


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