Cutting & Engraving Lightburn Test Cards

A bunch of laser cutting & engraving test cards for different wattage machines.


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This is a part of the Ultimate Calibration Pack. Get the full pack here:

There’s no single test card file that will work for all laser cutters. A K40 will give you much different results than a 130w machine. So I made a bunch of different test cards for the entire range of CO2 laser cutters. These were made for CO2 lasers but they can easily be edited for fiber cutters.

NOTE: If the numbers in Lightburn are backwards or upside down, try changing your origin to “Back Left” by clicking “Edit” > “Device Settings” > “Origin” > then click the top left radio button.

NOTE 2: Don’t IMPORT the file into Lightburn, OPEN the file. Importing will use your current power/speed settings instead of the file’s power/speed settings.

These files include 2 versions of test cards: large and small.

The small test cards are 6×6 grids that have versions for different wattage laser cutters:

  • 5-25 watt
  • 30-40 watt
  • 50-60 watt
  • 70-80 watt
  • 90-100 watt
  • 110-150 watt


The large test cards are 8×8 grids for more power and speed options.

I estimated the power and speed for these machines based off my own experience and from what I’ve seen other people cutting with their laser cutters. Obviously I don’t own each all of these machines so if you think I’m off with the settings, let me know in the comments and I’ll update the files. These are a work-in-progress!

You can edit these in lightburn to tune them for your machine. Every machine and piece of material is different so they may take some tweaking. I tried to make the “All-Purpose” files as broad as possible. They should cover a wide range of machines and material sizes.

Includes Lightburn (.ltbrn2) files and SVG files.


Update V2
Added DXF files for every version. The SVGs were made in illustrator and import at the wrong scale in Inkscape. Illustrator exports with 72 dpi and Inkscape imports with 96 dpi. If you’re importing into Inkscape, use the DXF and select “Method of scaling” > “Read from file” under the import options.


Update V4
Removed 5-25w – broke this up into two new groups.
Added 5-10w
Added 15-25w


Update v10: Added xTool Creative Space files! Support for xTool machines up to 60 watts. Maximum engraving speed I was able to add was 250mm/sec. If you have an xTool S1, contact me and I’ll help you figure out speeds up to 600mm/sec.

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